Win a Cam Ranger ‘in a bag’ with thinkTankPhoto

| April 16, 2014



We’re having a bit of fun with our friends from Cam Ranger who have very kindly donated a Cam Ranger for one of you good people to win! Don’t know what a Cam Ranger is? Here’s a great video from our friends at Kelby Media Group to help you understand… Some of the features from the Cam Ranger are mind blowingly good fun. [full feature list here]

To win, and there are three ways because we know you don’t all use Facebook, you need to LIKE CAM RANGER on Facebook, LIKE THINKTANKPHOTO on facebook OR leave a comment below telling us how you’d use your Cam Ranger!

The prize is a snazzy Cam Ranger and your choice of camera bag in our range of non-wheeled camera bags.

The giveaway runs for seven day from 7:30pm on April 15th, to 7:30pm on April 23rd – Santa Rosa time.

The winner will be announced by name on here, our blog and on Facebook and Twitter. Good luck!


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  • Michael Donald Wachta

    I’d love to use it for Macro focus stacking and Timelapse control.

  • Katie Hoggan

    Oh I want to enter this contest! I would use this to go on an adventure!!!

  • John Silveira

    I have the Retro 20 and love it. Nice to have another smaller one for those short shoots.

  • Robert Donnelly

    Photography Classes. CamRanger connected to camera, controlled with iPad app and mirrored to TV with AppleTV. Students will be able to see every setting as I take shots.

  • Andrew

    I’d capture from cool angles like mounting a camera very high on a pole

  • Dave Dawang

    I would use it on my canon 70D and start using it for overhead shots of japanese temples since I live here

  • Merne Judson III

    I could put up a second camera at shows and get shots from more then one location!

  • Matt

    I’d love to check out the macro focus stacking capabilities – seems like it can do a lot!

  • Olga Kowalski

    I will be able to put my camera up to the ceiling in my studio and always get a focus – that’s awesome..!
    no need for any stepladder – any more..:)

  • Dan Lawless

    is a point on the way to Charleston, SC that is absolutely breathtaking
    at sunrise. The perfect perspective of this low country scene is also
    unfortunately in the middle of a heavily traveled bridge. If I were to win this, I
    would use it to capture that image from a safe distance.

  • Corbin Smith

    Just ordered a new camera. This would all be great for it!

  • aron

    Selfies!!! Nothing but Selfies!!

  • Nate Papes

    I’d use it as i take pictures of stuff and things.

  • MaryLou D’Amarino

    There are so many possibilities with this new device. I take a lot of nature photography and streaming video so this would be a great asset. I also would like to develop my macro photography skills with it.

  • Steven

    To take some crazy cool extreme fishing shots, yeah baby!

  • Maher Haroun

    I would use it for on location tethering! Have the subject hold an iPad as I shoot so they can get an instant look! It would also be great for animal photography, as you can set up your camera on a tripod and stand back to take the photograph!!

  • mclifford82

    I would love to use the CamRanger for shots in the wilderness where I wouldn’t want to disturb the critters.

  • Charles Tribbey

    This would be cool for overhead studio shooting as well!

  • MW

    I’d use it for things/stuff.

  • James Kennedy

    I’d use it in macro photographing desert flora.

  • The better question would be, what I won’t do with it. This stuff is awesome!

  • Carrick Armer

    Could be useful for sport shots, places where I would cast a shadow – set everything up and monitor from afar!

  • Ann Taz Borowski

    To get a Cam Ranger would be awesome and to elevate my processing to the next level in sports (football) photography, would make my day. This would help me to use multiple camera throughout the GAME.. PLEASE…..WOuld always talk about how great Cam and of Course Think Tank..

  • Melissa

    This would be great for shooting macro and setting up HDR shots. I would LOVE one of these!

  • Jeffrey Jonathan

    I would put my camera on a really tall monopod and capture a radically different angles of family and friends.

  • Alain Vétillart

    Découvert il y a bientôt 2 ans Nous utilisons CamRanger pour faire du Light Painting avec un groupe d’Enfants de l’école Freinet. Nous préparons aussi un projet sur du timeLapse de nuit et Camranger va de nouveau nous être utile. Avec notre Ipad ça fonctionne à merveilles! Merci à toute l’équipe de CamRanger.

  • Kevin Jackson

    I would use a Cam Ranger to see what I am doing for elevated real estate photography. I would also use one to setup a remote camera to get different angles for wedding ceremonies. Hope I win 😛

  • Cindy

    What wouldn’t I do with this? I would take more pictures me with my family and friends!

  • Lars Dahlin

    I’d love to show the CamRanger the world together with me.
    This Summer – Wildlife in Northern Scandinavia.
    This Autumn – Pulsating Citylife in some big cities in Europe.
    This Winter – Some nice warm island…
    Come with me!

  • Oh gosh, if I would I could do so much more than I can now… I am in love with wildlife photography, but I don’t have one of those expensive telephoto lenses for my Canon, using this would allow me to get shots I am unable to get now. Also.. speaking of the wild, I would be able to get a rare shot of my husband’s dog that get super shy as soon as she sees me messing with the camera lol!!

  • Mary Garrison

    I would do AMAZING things 🙂

  • Dain

    I’m always taking pictures of my two daughters and my wife playing, enjoying each other, and having a good time. Though I enjoy capturing those precious moments, I am often not in the picture. Some of my family members have told me that I need to be in them too. The cam ranger would allow me to take be in the “picture” more often.

  • Tim Perdue

    This is great! I’m a musician and photographer, and I’d use the CamRanger to take photos of my bands, so I can actually be in the photos as well!

  • Ron

    Id be interested in the tethered shooting

  • Megan Lorenz

    I’d love to try out the tethered shooting and time lapse!

  • cesarale

    I need one.

  • geodesigner

    Wow, I’d use the CamRanger all the time to shoot architecture!

  • Blake Zimmerman

    For me, I’d be using it in a number of different ways. I do a monthly shoot for a professional wrestling promotion, could help keep me out of their way. I have also been working on artistic portraits, bringing a bit of the surreal to the everyday kind of shot. Being able to show the people what I’m planning, or letting them see the shot, as well as letting me focus on interacting with them rather than my eye plastard to the viewfinder, will make a world of difference.

  • Allen Reed

    This camera is so great!!!!

  • Rachel Lewis

    I’d shoot tethered, never done that before, would very much like to try!

  • Poussah

    I would fine great uses for it after I win it, though I have no idea which yet, as I don’t have it. Duh.

  • Cristian Barleanu

    I would take it on top of a mountain and do my first timelapse!

  • People may say that they want the Cam Ranger. After seeing the Cam Ranger in action thanks to a shoot with Ben Von Wong, I know I need it. It makes the workflow so much easier. Less running, less tripping. Clients can see things on the fly. Make-up artists and I can see details easily. Models get to rest more. Everyone’s happy! 🙂

  • I had a chance to try the Cam Ranger is was amazing. Now they’ve added even more features that would be make customer viewing easier in real time. That is something i’d be excited to do.

  • RayFrisby

    Great to see companies like Cam Ranger developing really neat products and competing with established manufacturers. The extended bracketing feature and movie mode is really great, the stream movie mode would make my life a lot easier when shooting video and would mean I could set up a second camera and shot and control everything from my iPad. I never heard of these guys before but with products like this I can see them developing a whole new market. Well done !

  • Long waited!!

    Tethered shooting brought up to a whole new level.I intend to use it for everything, its a great composition tool, for macro, portrait, arquitecture, time-lapse high speed photography but I’m more excited of starting to use this tool for video assist when shooting videos or short films.
    It´s going to blast!!!!!!

  • Scott Wynn

    The Cam Ranger is great. I currently hard wire and tend to have too many cords all over the place. Also worried about tripping on the camera cord and yanking it out/damaging the camera. Wireless with the Cam Ranger is the way to go. I shoot a lot of Corporate Portraits and this would be a great help.

  • I would build my DSLR into a old fashioned plate camera and use my iPad under the cloth to make photo’s at historic/reenactment events

  • Geoffrey Atkins

    I’d love to give it a try as a tethered shooting option in studio!

  • garyschapman

    At Photoshop World I convinced a friend to buy one. Now I want one to try on assignments.