Happy Fathers Day!

| June 15, 2014

If you’re in the US of A, today, Sunday June 15th is Fathers day – I was reminded of this as a friend just sent me a text to say happy fathers day, I looked quizzically at my iphone and a light went on in my head – OH, it’s Fathers day in America (I’m based in Australia, we like to do things differently down here…) I should have remembered this – I’ve seen many “Fathers day specials” guides (..and again at the time, scratched my head quizzically) with some amazing things in them – some really very expensive things! I mean, I’m not sure who your dad is, but if you’re buying him a nice little Sony A7 as a Fathers Day gift, what did you get him for Christmas? (If you did get your dad an A7 for fathers day, that’s awesome… let me give you my home address for next Easter?) anyways… I thought I’d put up a quick post with FIVE products for under thirty bucks for you to buy your dad, and yes – I realise it’s going to be after Fathers Day when they arrive at your house – but what dad doesn’t like a surprise…

“Dad, sorry, I didn’t get you anything – have my undivided attention for an hour and I’ll make you some burnt toast for breakfast” and THEN you give him a little present a few days later! Kid of the year award right there. Boom.

The other thing about these is (and I’m sorry, I can’t change the $50 affiliate limit thing) I’ve added our personal affiliate code into these links. If you spend over fifty, you get an extra little something – now I understand we’re going for under $30.00 but, the offer’s there… (The code is

AP-732 for anyone in the US that wants to use it but not via these links)

OK, let’s start! 

Fathers Day Reasonably Priced Gift No. 1 — Pixel Pocket Rocket USA Flag : $19.75

Our American Flag Pixel Pocket Rocket! – Holds 10 CF memory cards. CLICK HERE

thinkTankphoto Fathers Day Gifts

Fathers Day Reasonably Priced Gift No. 2 — Camera Strap V2 : $26.75

A new Camera Strap, what dad doesn’t love a good camera strap, eh! CLICK HERE



Fathers Day Reasonably Priced Gift No. 3 — Cable Management 20 V2 : $22.75

What about a Cable Management 20 – V2.0, Dad! Get organised? CLICK HERE



Fathers Day Reasonably Priced Gift No. 4 — dSLR x4 Battery Holder : $17.75

No camera is complete without batteries! Right? Dad will love these as much as cake! CLICK HERE


Fathers Day Reasonably Priced Gift No. 4 — AA Battery Holder : $17.75

Like your camera batteries, the AA battery will be a mass of green envy if she too doesn’t have a home! CLICK HERE



Well, happy fathers day to fathers everywhere – we hope you get a kick out of some of our reasonably priced gift ideas… Oh, and for those of you that are after something a little more… exotic.. well… *click* 





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