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| July 2, 2014

This giveaway is now over – thanks everyone for playing along! Congratulations to our winners!


Welcome, friends from various parts of the world! We’re giving away eight days worth of thinkTank Photo accessories, and then a grand prize winner will win an Airport Roller Derby with eight accessories of their choice. #8X8X8

Here’s how it will work! 

Starting Wednesday, July 2nd at 8PM and then every day for the next seven days (Santa Rosa Time – work out the time here) we will post a question via Facebook and Twitter and you will have to reply to that post. You will need to Like us on Facebook or be following us on Twitter to be a valid winner. 


Each day after the start of the giveaway, we’ll announce the daily winner here, on this blog.


On day eight, we’ll take all of those 8 posts from the 8 days and choose a winner to receive one of our Roller Derby camera bags and 8 accessories to go in it.

You can be from anywhere in the world (where a postal service exists) and you can be any age as long as you have parental consent to be on Facebook.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can comment on this post in answer to the questions (They will go out on Twitter and Facebook, so you’ll be able to see them) 


Winners please email your choice of accessory and delivery details / phone to (Please note, all replies will be after we close this competition as I’m travelling and internet is flaky! Thanks! —Sime)

Day one — Weijian Lim  commented 21 hours ago on
Day two — Cindy H @ lifeonprint
Day three — Lelly Ruiz
Day Four — Dana Coleman
Day Five — Candy Teo
Day Six — Kristen Meister
Day Seven — Mike Morley
Day Eight — Carol Patterson

Grand Prize! — Patti Fowler



Check out the Roller Derby below, or via the link. 








Thanks! Good luck!

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  • Álvaro

    I only have one of your bags, but I really love the quality of the materials and the thought you’ve put in designing the bag, so winning one would be a nice way to carry heavy equipment and it would make my shoots much easier.

  • Paul Lunnon

    The best way to protect my gear that has taken me years to save up for.

  • Kate Ball

    This would work so well for me !!

  • Chuck Willemsen

    As in life , experience and instinct is what I have.

  • Álvaro

    Yes, three years total in university and masters’ degree and a couple of years assisting photographers.

  • Jack Hirschorn

    I had some formal training in photography in college.

  • Nicole Acuna

    wow i love the design!! this is a total asset for photogs like me always on the go. I have not had formal training I learned by trial and error

  • Dj Dawang

    Don’t own any think tank products…but heard many great things about them among my photography friends…make me change my mind from lowepro

  • Álvaro

    The most exciting thing about photography for me is capturing the decisive moment.

  • Dmitriy Sukhanov


  • Bill Shettle

    I second the comment on not enough Think Tank products, but also great light and cameras because there are so many angles to make great pictures…

  • Chuck Willemsen

    You can never have enough Think Tank Photo camera bags … YES!

  • John Leung

    great improvement to the 4-Sight

  • Álvaro

    I can never have enough ideas, inspiration and creativity!

  • Craig Shepheard

    I can never have enough opportunities to go out with my camera.

  • jmhsrv

    I can never have enough energy –

  • Kandi Lee

    Hope to win the bag!

  • Galen Leeds

    Entering with dreams of wheeled bags rolling by…

  • Jason McCosker

    Great looking bag, My first entry today. Let’s hope its a good day.

  • Rechargeable AA batteries for flash in zippered pocket case for backpack.

  • Álvaro

    Yes, every single day! Thanks for making this giveaway open internationally, you guys rock!

  • Benoit Touchette

    Definitely Rechargeable AA, in an old plastic first aid box 🙂

  • Taras Svyrydenko

    Hello, Ukraine is here! I’m happy to use think Tank camera backpacks and some accessories but I’m will happy to win because nothing is better than think Tank!!

  • Tim Musselman

    New AA’s in a plastic case in a zippered pocket of my pack the rechargeables just don’t have the capacity.

  • Álvaro

    In a plastic case that came with the rechargeable batteries.

  • Fresh AA’s new package for every shoot. Keep them in my bag after putting in a fresh set in my flash.

  • Danny Bailey

    Brand new AA’s for every shoot. They’re usually in the package until I use them.

  • Holly Nichols Allred

    No rechargeable AA batteries for flash. I just can’t find rechargeables that are as good as traditional batteries. I keep mine in a zip pocket of my Thinktank airport security 2 roller bag.

  • Álvaro

    In a cheap case for random stuff and Inside the organizers on the lid of my Aiport International V2.0

  • Thank you!!!