Rob Cianflone takes the Roller Derby around the world.

| August 22, 2014

After having his Airport International (along with a nice 400mm!) stolen en route to the World Cup, We sent Getty Australia sports photographer, Rob Cianflone, one of our Airport Roller Derby camera bags with him to the Commonwealth Games in Scotland last month, and has kindly penned his thoughts on our newer, bigger four wheeler…

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So after having my Airport International stolen at the World Cup in Brazil, I sent an SOS out to ThinkTank back in Oz.  You won’t believe what happened next……

After emailing to and fro on the best way to get a bag to me and what model, we decided on the newly released Roller Derby.  Not able to get the bag to Brazil in time due to my moving around every other day thinktank arranged with a colleague of mine to get the bag delivered to Glasgow, Scotland, just in time for me to use at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

What are the Commonwealth Games you ask? Well think of them as a ‘mini Olympics’ with only 22 events, small venues and without USA, and you kind of get the gist. Any way back to the bag…

On first impressions it reminded me of the Airport 4 Sight which I have owned and used for a while, but you immediately notice its larger size and better, stronger looking wheels.  I lift the handle and give the bag a run over the hotel room floor the wheels spin and turn smoothly. So as I do with every ThinkTank bag I get for the first time, I removed every divider from the bag.  Those of you that have a ThinkTank bag know just how many dividers come with the bag!!!  I find the leftover dividers make a great suit of armour! (Rob, we’ll need a photo of this for proof – S)

Packed bag

From here I get my gear and start to plan how I think it will best fit.  After a few pack and repacks I settle on the set up you see in the above image. One shows the set up without the flash and the other with the flash on top of the 70-200. Everything fits in perfectly!

As you can see the bag can fit quite a bit of gear.  For the Commonwealth Games I had the Canon 200-400mm with body attached, two to three more bodies, 24-70mm, 70-200mm, a couple of spare batteries, card wallet and a flash.

Depending what I had on specific days I would remove a body and put in a 16-35 and a fish eye lens and a set of pocket wizards.

Also another great feature is the laptop pocket on the front. On a few occasions I left my Urban Disguise at the hotel and just put my laptop and accessories in the Roller Derby.

The bag glides effortlessly over most surfaces, not having to drag the bag behind me was a definite plus as it put very little if any stress on my back.

I had to drag the bag over the bus/transport station at the Main Press Centre on a daily basis, the area was made from rough asphalt which meant I had to drag the bag over the rough surfaces, the wheels stood up to this well with no damage whatsoever.  As you can see from the images the surface was very rough. On one occasion I walked from one venue to the next which was just over 5km, the bag travelled effortlessly over a variety of surfaces.


Having handles on all four sides makes this easy to be able to pick up the bag from the ground or from the overhead compartment of an aircraft.

Overall am happy with this bag, its versatile and can hold a lot of gear as well. It was easy to carry on board my flights and it was breeze to walk through the airport with.

Oh and as with any other four wheeler bag or luggage, when you’re standing on a slight incline don’t look away when calling for a taxi you will soon find the Roller Derby taking a stroll down the street!!


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