On a motorbike ride with a thinktankphoto camera bag – Rey Josue II

| November 18, 2014

Q. Can you melt a camera bag with a motorbike exhaust?

Until recently We’d not really pondered the answer to this, actually, if we’re honest we’d not pondered the question either!

So when this email came through from Reydos Photography, well, we guess we had our answer! Rey usually uses his belt he tells us, but chose to only use the shoulder strap on the SpeedRacer on this ride… He won’t be doing that again anytime soon!

In Rey’s words “I was riding tandem on a ride. Didn’t want to use the belt since I was swinging around the bag from left to right for shooting comfortability. Smelled something burning and it was the bag touching the exhaust pipe. So unfortunate. πŸ™ ”

This is the bag Rey was using

Photos from Reydos Photography, video in fromΒ Jeremiah Wright. — Thank you both. You can see more photography from Rey here, or his Flickr here



rey melts a thinktankphoto speedracer on a motorbike

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