thinkTank’s Backpack Week Camera bag giveaway!

| November 25, 2014

Thank you to all of you who participated in #ttpBackPackWeek If you didn’t win, we have a *couple* more things up our proverbial sleeves before 2015, so keep watching and remember kiddies… Be Ready Before the Moment!



  • What is backpack week? 

Simply put, we’re giving away one of our backpacks everyday, until we’ve given one of every backpack we make!

  • Who can enter?

Anyone, anywhere is welcome to enter, as long as you’re legally allowed to enter or, if you’re underage, that you have your parent’s OK to do so.

  • How do I enter?

Simply leave us a comment on Facebook, Instagram, G+, Twitter OR in the comments below – you MUST use the #ttpBackpackWeek hashtag in your comment to be eligible to enter – and each day we’ll pluck the winners form that day’s comments / tweets / posts.


  • Can I better my chances at winning?

Well, unless you come to my house with a nice bag of single origin coffee beans, no, not really! BUT…. There are things you can do to help us out! We’d love you to share the promotion using the TWEET button below, we’d love you to be following us on Facebook and Twitter and G+ and Instagram so we can stay in touch.

  • If I win, can I choose another backpack other than the one I won?

Not really, though, we’re always happier to help, so if you want a different backpack, feel free to ask.

  • Where will the winners be announced?

Right here on the blog, a winner’s name will be randomly selected and posted here each day, each bag giveaway will run for 24 hours, winners need to contact within 7 days or a new winner will be randomly selected.


The Backpacks up for grabs are…

Streetwalker – Winner is Maria Migliore! 

Streetwalker Pro – Winner is Anton Manzano!

Streetwalker HD – Winner is Alicia Smith!

ShapeShifter – Winner is Luca Trombino!

Airport Essentials – Winner is Veronica Linge Phillips!

Airport Commuter – Winner is Karen Eng!

Airport Accelerator – Winner is AniaAnoosha!

Glass Limo (Long lens bag) – Winner is Manfred Raphael!

Perception Tablet – Winner is Veronica Bahns!

Perception 15 – Winner is Rufiya Blank!

Perception Pro – Winner is Lucia De Giovanni!

Airport TakeOff (Rolling camera backpack)  – The Grand prize winner is Josh Ritchie! 

IF you’re a winner – PLEASE email simon @ with your delivery address and a contact telephone number! (And please confirm you follow us on social media) 

P.S… None of the cameras / laptops etc in the photos shared with this giveaway make up part of the prize, I wish they did, but they don’t – sorry!

P.P.S… This promotion iis nothing to do with Facebook or anyone associated with Facebook, but hey, if you work for Facebook you’re welcome to enter!

P.P.P.S… I was only half joking about the coffee! 😀 —Sime


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