15 Days of Christmas – Bonus round!

| December 25, 2014

This giveaway has closed! Thank you to all who dared to enter! 😀 

For those of you over my side of the world (Australia) we hope you’re having a lovely Christmas day if that’s your thing. Where I am, mum’s just getting the turkey out of the oven and the kids are messing about with new toys until they ultimately collapse in a post-christmas dinner heap of snoring… Me, I’m just having a tasty espresso and getting this blog post online.

Meanwhile, we’ve almost come to the end of our 15 days of Christmas giveaway and its been fun, eh!

As we mentioned, we thought we’d bring ’em all back for one last hoooraahhhh! Choose any product from our website and one of you will win it – anything you like!

1. Head to the website via this link (even if you don’t win and you typically order from our website, this link may give you a little smile)
2. Come back and leave your comments in this blog post, tell us what you’d like
3. Share this blog post somewhere (not required to win, but we’d appreciate it!)

Have a great night or day! 



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  • Paul Shinn

    Awesome chance again

  • s. hagan

    BONUS ROUND! Unbelievable giveaways! Thanks Think Tank! I’d love an Airport TakeOff™ Rolling Camera Bag to round out my travel bag needs for film shoots abroad!

  • Melvin Siew

    An Airport Roller Derby would hit the sweet spot.

  • you wouldn’t care

    streetwalker hard drive backpack if you please

  • Simon Vosgueritchian

    Retrospective 50 Blue Slate

  • Airport Navigator no doubt the roller bag of my dreams! Merry Christmas!

  • Michael Chico La Barbera

    Airport AirStream™ Rolling Camera Bag – Perfect for many of my photographic travel needs; from “Qosqo” to “Madrid” to “Oaxaca.”

  • Happy x’mas to all of you.
    I would love to add the Airport Roller Derby to my collection

  • michael mizzi

    urban disguise 50 v2 would be lovely… Thx think tank to support us every day!!


  • Lynda Jane Chan

    StreetWalker HardDrive Camera Backpack would be lovely 🙂

  • Quint Smith

    Retrospective 50 pinestone.

  • Magda Augustyn-Coulter

    Retrospective 40 would be wonderful! 🙂

  • Rich LaBella

    Yes! Last chance. I’d love to get my hands on the Airport Security Rolling camera bag.

  • Airport Roller Derby, please 🙂

  • Flav

    Perception Pro Taupe

  • LP

    Shape Shifter Camera Backpack

  • Delta

    Airport TakeOff Rolling Camera Bag

  • ES

    Retrospective 50 Blue Slate

  • PB and J

    Retrospective 50 Pinestone

  • Paul Mizner

    The Airport TakeOff Rolling Camera Bag sure would make my Christmas!

  • Mark Fuller

    Airport Internatioal V2.0 rolling camera bag would be a great surprise Happy Christmas

  • Michael Randall

    Airport accelerator would hit the sweet spot this year.

  • Airport Navigator Rolling Camera Bag would be amazing!!!!!!! http://www.thinktankphoto.com/products/airport-navigator.aspx

  • Greg Woods

    Airport International V2.0 would be great!

  • Ted Goudie

    Please put me down for a Retrospective Lens Changer 3 in Pinestone!

  • Airport International V2.0, please! Merry Christmas!

  • viv85e

    Perception Pro Backpack Taupe!

  • Kenneth

    Urban disguise 35 v2.0 is the bag that would suit my gear and needs perfectly

  • Nilesh Soni

    Perception™ Pro Backpack – Black ! Merry Christmas!

  • John Williamson

    Out of everything, I would choose the Perception 15 Backpack in black. No question, it would fit my needs perfectly. #ttp15days

  • Airport TakeOff Rolling Camera Bag would be awesome! Happy Hollydays!

  • Merry Christmas to all!!! and an Airport TakeOff would make it a perfect one!!

  • Tim Piche

    The airport roller derby would definitely be my choice!

  • Sai Chan

    Merry Christmas everyone! Heres another shot at the Airport Roller Derby!

  • Guest

    Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s another shot at theAirport Roller Derby!

  • muyeki

    Merry Xmas!
    StreetWalker HardDrive Camera backpack would be wonderful!

  • Matthew Perry

    I would absolutely be forever in your debt to be able to add the Airport International v2.0 Roller to my already addictive Thinktank bag collection! You guy’s are hands down #1 in the industry! Nothing touches Thinktank quality and customer service! @perrymatt

  • Chris

    Happy Holidays one and all. I’d really love to get a Streetwalker HardDrive Camera Backpack. Thanks

  • Steve Hong

    Happy Holidays to all and the good folks at Think Tank for their work during the year, and this most generous contest. My holiday would be most festive with a new Speed Racer Belt Pack V2.0 slung ’round my waist…!!

  • I’d really like the Airport TakeOff Rolling Camera Bag. Still waiting Santa.

  • Jenleeree

    Wow! Generosity at its finest! I love the Perception Pro Backpack (black) for my hikes with my mirrorless system!