15 Days of Christmas – Day eight!

| December 17, 2014

Yesterday’s winner has been added to the main blog post, the elves are getting ready to send out the prizes thus far!

Day eight and its time for someone to win a bit of modular gear! Remember, you can choose ANYTHING in the modular range – check out the range on our website, come back here and comment letting us know what you’d like to win!


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  • Vicki Tayloe

    Modular Component Set V2.0 would be my dream pick, I have been wanting it for ages and it would make my life so much easier….great gear and wonderful giveaway.

  • Leanne Scherp

    RU Hot would be great!

  • Jason Danger Schoenig

    Modular Component Set™ V2.0 is exactly what I have on my list. 41 years straight that I’ve been on the “Nice” list…

  • ManfredRaphael

    Modular Component Set V2.0 will fit me just fine!

  • Hugh

    Modular Skin Set V2.0 please!

  • Jeffery Choi

    Since switching to an all-prime lens kit, I think the Modular Component Set V2.0 will be awesome! Thanks Think Tank!

  • Candy Teo

    Modular Component Set V2.0 for me please!

  • Marko Sivak

    Would settle with Modular Component Set. Thnx for your attention 🙂

  • Patrick Downs

    Oh Santa! A Modular or Skin set would be just peachy! I’m not picky. I love my Streetwalker and SpeedRacer … a belt system would be awesome.

  • Mark Collins

    Modular Component Set V2.0 of course! Thanks


    Modular Component set V2.0 please.

  • Ola Morken

    A Lens drop would be nice

  • Ryan

    I like the look of the Digital Holster™ 50 V2.0 pretty please

  • Ven Ace

    Modular Component Set V2.0. Good luck everyone!

  • Alexander Bohlen

    Modular Component set V2.0 please.

  • Stefano Pola

    Modular Component Set V2.0, good luck everybody!

  • Flav

    Modular Component Set V2.0, thanks a bunch!

  • LP

    Modular Component Set V2.0 looks very useful…

  • Delta

    Modular Component Set V2.0

  • Ilias_d

    Shape Shifter® Camera Backpack

  • ES

    Modular Component Set V2.0

  • Bill Malik

    Digital holster 30 would be great and allow me to easily carry my DSLR with lens attached and ready to shoot.. Thank you ThinkTank!

  • Shireen

    A skin body bag

  • PB and J

    Modular Component Set V2.0

  • Thanasis

    A Speed Changer V2.0 or a Hubba Hubba Hiney!
    Good luck to everyone..

  • I wouldn’t mind winning a Modular Component Set V2.0.

  • David Kocherhans

    Modular Component Set V2.0 for me (pretty please)!

  • Simon Vosgueritchian

    Modular component set.

  • Jenleeree

    Hubba Hubba Hiney
    Would keep my tech in line-y!!

  • Would love to win the Modular Component Set V2.0!

  • Suzanne Xue Shuzhen

    Modular Component Set V2 is lovely. Pick me!

  • Marcel Bauer

    Modular Component Set V2.0

  • Richard Kimbrough

    Because you can never have too many Think Tank products, and there is always something new to carry, I’d have to go with the Modular Component Set™ V2.0.

  • Lee Hian Hui

    Modular Component Set V2 for my Christmas. Thanks!

  • catalin abagiu

    Lens Changer 15 V2.0

  • viv85e

    Modular Component Set™ V2.0

  • XHui Tham

    Modular component set v2.0

  • Steven William Blackwood

    Digital holster 50 2.0

  • Sandra Salazar

    I would like a Modular Component Set™ V2.0. Thank you.

  • Carl Aylman

    I would like the Digital Holster 50. #tTP15days

  • Colton Kilgore

    I wouldn’t mind taking the Digital Holster 20 v2.0 for a spin.

  • You can never have too many lens pouches! I’d love to add more to my belt

  • Lee Ling Ling

    Modular component set v2.0 please. =)

  • Stephen Tang

    A Hubba Hubba Hiney would be very handy to carry my remote flash triggers!

  • Scott Daniel

    As an owner of many thinktank items a nice addition would be a Stuff It!

  • Digital Holster™ 30 V2.0 suits me 😀

  • A Digital Holster™ 50 V2.0 sure would make it handy to carry my D3 and 80-200 f/2.8!

  • ebugajewski

    I love to carry my Nikon D800 and 70-200mm lens, so I would really love show off a Digital Holster 40 v 2.0 please….

  • Ralph Marius

    Digital Holster 30 looks great!!

  • Eugene Khoo

    Modular Skin Set V2.0 will definitely go well with my modular component set (v1).