15 Days of Christmas – Day fifteen!

| December 24, 2014

Day fifteen… The day before the day before Christmas! (Unless you’re in Australia like me and its Christmas eve) We originally called this fun giveaway the “15 days of Christmas” but then upon a small virtual chat over a cup of virtual mulled wine, we realised that the “Outlet Centre” on our website isn’t really something we wanted to include as a place to choose prizes from, and that we didn’t really want to end with our memory card wallets – not really going out with a bang, is it? (Though, one could argue that your post shoot memory cards are the single most important thing you own at that point?)

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SO, today, day fifteen, is indeed ‘Memory Card wallet day” and we’ll choose FIVE of you to win your choice from our Memory Card wallet section… Tomorrow though, you want to come back for tomorrow… 😉 



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  • Dennis Brickett

    SD Pixel Pocket Rocket

  • Esther Smith

    Pixel Pocket Rocket would be nice!

  • SD Pixel Pocket Rocket would be awesome!
    Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday filled with love and laughs!

  • Sai Chan

    A limited edition PPR would be nice.

  • Pee Wee Pixel Pocket Rocket!

  • Shingo Takei

    Limited Edition PPR

  • muyeki

    A Pixel Pocket Rocket under the tree, please!

  • Nina Hornauer

    A modular pixel pocket rocket please.

  • Shelly Metz

    SD Pixel Pocket Rocket Please?!

  • Daniel Brielmayer

    Hey Santa, I’ve added an SD Pixel Pocket Rocket to my list.

  • Lee Hian Hui

    Modular pixel pocket rocket. Thanks.

  • Theo Brouwers


    My wish for today is that I win the:

    Modular Pixel Pocket Rocket

    Have a great time! Enjoy with the people that give you energy 😉

    A lot of positive greetings from “Down Under” ;), The Netherlands,

    Theo Brouwers

  • Ed Cramer

    Modular Pixel Pocket Rocket to go on my Think Tank Modular belt.

  • James Fairhurst

    Modular PPR please.

  • Martin Vrlik

    limited edition PPR

  • Suzanne Xue Shuzhen

    Modular pixel pocket rocket. Happy holidays!

  • Don J J Carroll

    Limited Edition PPR

  • Ven Cedric

    Modular pixel pocket rocket

  • Boda Klenke

    SD Pixel Pocket Rocket

  • Simon Vosgueritchian

    Pee Wee Pixel Pocket Rocket

  • Mark Collins

    Modular pixel pocket rocket

  • Ted Goudie

    I’d love a SD Pixel Pocket Rocket, thanks!

  • Candy Teo

    Modular pixel pocket rocket would be beautiful!

  • Magdalene Herman

    Modular pixel pocket rocket

  • Frank Field

    A Pixel Pocket Rocket would be fabulous.

  • Morts Photography

    Limited edition PPR

  • Svein Ove Bøe

    Pee Wee Pixel Pocket Rocket is the perfect size for me

  • Richard L-Trist

    Modular Pixel Pocket Rocket please!

  • Gianma

    As I love grey “ton sur ton”, the Pixel Pocket Rocket Limited Edition is my gift choice. Happy Holidays to everyone!!! : )

  • Paul Borish

    I’d love a LE Pixel Pocket Rocket. Merry Christmas!

  • Remco Donselaar

    Modular Pixel Pocket Rocket

  • Carl Aylman

    SD Pixel Pocket Rocket. #ttp15days

  • XHui Tham

    Modular pixel pocket rocket

  • fotobuffflorida

    Pixel Pocket Rocket in either blue or USA

  • Quint Smith

    Modular pixel pocket rocket.

  • Stephen Tang

    I could use a Modular Pixel Pocket Rocket!

  • Ven Ace

    Modular pixel pocket rocket!

  • Steve Hong

    I reeeeally need and want an SD Pixel Pocket Rocket, but the USA Flag edition is niice too..!! Happy Holidays everyone..!!

  • Ken Knight

    Pee Wee Pixel Pocket Rocket!

  • Mark

    I’d love a Limited Edition PPR!

  • Gary Uno

    SD Pixel Pocket Rocket would be nice.

  • Алексей Климов


  • Limited Edition Pixel Pocket Rocket

  • Milica Kuvalja

    Limited edition PPR for me 🙂

  • Madalin

    Modular pixel pocket rocket

  • Steve S

    I would love a Modular pocket rocket. (That’s what she said)

  • Modular Pixel Pocket Rocket fo sho

  • Nuno Caldeira

    would pick Modular Pixel Pocket Rocket

  • Lee Ling Ling

    Modular pixel pocket rocket 🙂

  • Stefan Wernig

    The two-tone ppr would be cool 🙂