15 Days of Christmas – Day five!

| December 14, 2014

Four days done, has Santa come?

Day Four Point Five is live HERE on the bl0g, you can win a MindShiftGear rotation 180 backpack, but meanwhile, day FOUR has come to a close!! (Winners announced tomorrow)

Day Five and we’re onto camera harnesses – they’re a bit specialised. Take a look at the category on the website and let us know in the comments below if one of them should be winging its way to your house! We’ll randomly select one* of you in 24 hours. Good luck!

Reminder of HOW TO ENTER – Click THIS link, head over to our website and CHOOSE the camera harness you’d like, come back here and leave a comment, tell us which one you’d like! Random winner(s) chosen each day! Good luck!

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  • Maria Ricciardi

    Pixel Racing Harness would be amaze-balls!

  • Mark Collins

    Pixel Racing Harness

  • Rene Hatcher Fox

    Keep it up shoulder harness would be a great addition to my husband’s gear

  • Scott Daniel

    Pixel Racing Harness™ V2.0 would be my pick.

  • Wayne Yale Kwan

    Pixel Racing Harness

  • Samuel I Beard Jr

    A Pixel Racing Harness would be just dandy!

  • Candy Teo

    Pixel Racing Harness!

  • Logan Gelik

    I would love the the Keep it Up Should Strap 🙂

  • Ivan Chiron Yaman

    On the fifth day of Christmas ThinkTankPhoto gave to me, a Pixel Racing Harness~ (hopefully, *fingers crossed*)

  • Marko Sivak

    Pixell Racing Harness will do for me. Thnx in advance 🙂

  • Svein Ove Bøe

    I’d love the Pixel Racing Harness. (and if you are feeling generous, my belt sizeL v1 is getting a little tight 🙂 )

  • William McGuire

    If love the Shoulder Harness please

  • Ryan

    I´d love a Shoulder Harness V2.0 please 😀 x

  • Flav

    Keep It Up Shoulder Strap

  • LP

    Shoulder Harness V2.0

  • Jeffery Choi

    I would love a Pixel Racing Harness V2.0! Thanks Think Tank!

  • Colton Kilgore

    Methinks a pixel racing harness 2.0 would do the trick nicely!

  • Vickie Monteith

    Pixel racing harness v2.0 to go with my belt!

  • Peter Metz

    A keep it up would be useful.

  • Bruce Loh

    I would like to have the Pixel racing harness V2.0 because I have a pro speed belt

  • Alexander Bohlen

    Pixel racing harness V2.0 please!!!!

  • Lubka Pavlova

    Keep It Up Shoulder Strap please. Thanks

  • Colton Derek Cunningham

    Pixel racing harness

  • Ven Cedric

    Pixel Racing Harness

  • Magdalene Herman

    Pixel Racing Harness please…

  • Michael Stone

    Pixel Racing Harness™ V2.0! Merry Christmas!

  • Mark Bigmakoy Ladanan

    Pixel Racing Harness™ V2.0 for me! 🙂

  • Nilesh Soni

    Racing Harness V2.0 looks so perfect.

  • Ven Ace

    Pixel Racing Harness V2.0

  • Paul Shinn

    Digital holster harness v2….
    Perfect for in the wheelchair, to replace my racing harness!
    Thank you Sime

  • Steve Killian

    Pixel Racing Harness V2.0 is my preference.

  • Suzanne Xue Shuzhen

    Pixel Racing Harness™ V2.0 please! Thanks

  • Zoltan Bese

    I have used for years competing “news” solutions Pixel Racing Harness V2.0 try. #tTP15

  • ES

    Digital Holster Harness V2.0

  • PB and J

    Pixel Racing Harness V2.0

  • Shireen

    pixel racing harness v2.0

  • Lee Ling Ling

    Pixel Racing Harness v2.0

  • Brad Stone

    Pixel Racing Harness please. Will match it with my Steroid Speed Belt 🙂