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| December 18, 2014

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I was suddenly going on a mission trip to the Amazon river with twenty people from e3 Partners (a ministry to promote church building and give medical assistance) to photograph these individuals working with local Peruvians.  I needed a camera bag to carry my equipment on a plane, boat, and through the mud.  I research my options and chose Think Tank – airport takeoff.

Lloyd Beard-Birmingham-Alabama
As a member of Kelby One, I looked on the B&H specials page.  They were giving a special price on a different Think tank bag, but they agreed to give me a small special discount on the airport takeoff for my mission trip.

My camera bag was packed with two Nikons, waterproof card holder, fours lenses, flash and extra batteries.  I also had a flash bracket, pliers, set of screwdrivers, small roll of duct tape and scotch tape.  Oh yes, a small container of deet spray and a poncho.  The weight approached thirty pounds.

I rolled my Think Tank to the check in counter at the airport to give them my clothing suitcase.  I rolled my Think Tank to the airplane and through the aisles until I reached my seat and then lifted it to the overhead compartment.  Three planes later I was walking on to a boat in Iquitos, Peru on the Amazon river.  It was the beginning of the rainy season and the river was slowly rising .


That same river – What a journey! — Simon

The next morning after breakfast, I unzipped the hidden back straps on my Airport Takeoff.  I walked on the smaller water craft with my Think Tank on my back.  Unloading our boat on the shore with mud all around, I used the backpack till we reached our building where we were to work.  Many images later, it was back to the boat with my Think Tank on my back all the way.

After five days of repeating this scenario, I returned home once again via three planes and several TSA searches. Thank you Think Tank for your design of the airport takeoff.

Lloyd Beard – Birmingham, Alabama

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