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| March 22, 2015

We asked for your experiences and answers the other day, thank you to those of you that replied – thanks for giving us permission to share your answers. We’ll start one at a time – Everyone, meet Jesse.



Q1.What made you get into photography?

A.PTSD from combat.

Q2. Is there a type of photography you prefer to shoot?  Why is this type the one you most enjoy?  What’s the type you least like to shoot?  How come?

A. I prefer wildlife photography, but I don’t live in a place suited for it. I enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods. I hate wedding photography. Bridezillas

Q3. Who was your inspiration while growing up?  What qualities did they have that stood out to you?

A. My main inspiration in photography was David Doublet. My stepmom bought me the book “The Light in the Sea” when I was 12 and it was spectacular. I didn’t realize how important that was until you asked the question.

Q4. Do you have any art or journalistic background?  How have your experiences influenced your decisions about your career?

A. No

Q5. What kind of camera do you have? Why is it the ‘perfect’ camera for you?  What capabilities does it have?

A. I’m a Canon guy. I chose the 5D mark III for low light performance, but I’m looking into the a7ii.

Q6. Has your photography led into any filming opportunities?

A. No

Q7. Have you ever been injured or put in harm’s way in order to get a photograph?  When?  Would you ever consider taking serious risks to get the perfect picture?  When?  Why?

A. No, but if opportunity presented, I would without a thought.

Q8. Were you ever criticized about your work?   If so what was the worst criticism about your work?  How do you handle it?

A. I had a portfolio review by an editor at National Geographic…. No negative and no positive feedback. He literally flipped through my photos and said “hmmmm”. I handled it by asking questions…”what do you think?” No response.

Q9. What would be your greatest piece of work?  Why do you think it is your best work?  Where was it shot?  Describe the process you used in getting the picture?

A. I haven’t had the pleasure of creating a “Masterpiece”.

Q10. What advice do you have for young striving photographers?

A. If you aren’t comfortable curling up in the fetal position and crying once a month while you wonder where your next check is coming from, photography may not be for you.


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