#MyTrifecta – What’s yours? – Win a camera bag or three!

| June 16, 2015

You may have noticed that we’ve just launched the Trifecta series of camera bags for both dSLR and Mirrorless (Two sizes) and, as ever, we’d like to play a fun game and give a few away!

To enter, all you need to do is simple – show us a photograph of YOUR Trifecta and make sure you include the hashtag #MyTrifecta in your post. You can post your image in multiple places (the more places you post it, the more chance of it being selected as a winner) Here are a list of places you can post;

Our Facebook Wall

@thinkTankPhoto on Twitter

@thinkTankPhoto on Instagram

In the comments section of this blog post

You can also post on your own blog, or Tumblr or Pinterest and make sure you let us know (A comment below and a link to your post)

Your time starts now! Good luck! (Oh, and don’t forget to TWEET!)

Here are some great examples of #MyTrifecta so far! — Rules of the giveaway are all well down below, nothing sinister (you always own any content you share with us etc)


Thanks Adam Hicks!


Thanks Jared / FroKnowsPhoto


Thanks Kevin Cheng (Aka Donut boy)


Thanks Peter Bower (If you’re awake!)


Thanks Randy (Yes, THAT Randy! Our awesome customer service guy!)


Thanks Scot Baston! (Great beans)


Thanks Shannon! (Check out Shannon Wild on Youtube – Wild!)


Terms and Conditions:

1. You always retain © of any images / content you share with us, unless we arrange something with you beforehand. (pls also see point 4 about us sharing your stuff)

2. This giveaway is open to global participants, as long as the post guy can find you if you win, you’re in (unless local laws prohibit!)

3. Prizes are THREE Trifecta backpacks (you can choose your size) to the three chosen winners.

4. We would love to share your entered images across social media, but you will always own that image and we’ll only use it for the duration of this promo / not for anything else.

5. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram and Pinterest are in no way connected with this promotion, it’s sponsored by thinkTankPhoto.com in its entirety.

6. Nobody has tried to bribe me with coffee beans yet, what’s wrong with you lot!*

7. * No, not really!

8. Promo starts 8pm Santa Rosa time 16 June and ends 8pm 23rd June.

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  • Mike Hylandsson

    #MyTrifecta We’ve planted some butterfly food!!

  • Mark Collins

    #MyTrifecta Thirsty?

  • Adam PW Smith

    #MyTrifecta (previously referred to as “the holy trinity”) – wide, medium, tele, all in ThinkTank bags on a ThinkTank belt to keep the weight off my shoulders and back. I’ve crawled around more beer-soaked floors, hidden behind more speaker stacks, and leaned over more balconies than I can remember with this collection.

  • Genz

    #MyTrifecta Lazy afternoon…

  • Madalin

    #MyTrifecta for 1 day at sony event

    • Bryan Covarrubias

      Awesome trifecta!

  • Ian Den

    @thinkTankPhoto #mytrifecta for shashlik, a favourite dish for outdoor camping! http://t.co/GmWApVj0gk
    22/06/15 23:09

  • Benny Lo

    #MyTrifecta My storage essentials. Can’t work without these!

  • #MyTrifecta … “Black, White and Red…?”

  • Grace Lye

    #MyTrifecta … Black, White and Red?

  • Allan Collins

    Progression… 2 > 8 > 13 Megapixels

  • Allan Santiago

    STM Triplets..may the #Trifecta be with you!! #MyTrifecta

  • Алексей Климов

    I have a doubt translated into Russian language of some titles. Well, #MyTrifecta

  • slyder0244
  • slyder0244

    #MyTrifecta of Canon glass

  • Morts Photography

    #MyTrifecta Coffee, Notepad and my HDD – helps me being organized and keeping my data safe

  • Nick

    #MyTrifecta the Nikon Trinity of lenses, they make my photography job easier. Do you know what else would make it easier?? A free bag from Think Tank.

  • #MyTrifecta The disciplined seagull (with great patience) waiting for their turn to get Biscuits at Pengong Lake, Leh, India.

  • Adolph Cabañas

    #MyTrifecta Steinhart Ocean Black DLC, Slim Timber Wooden Wallet, True Vintage Revival 504 Honey Amber Eyeglasses

    • spectacles, testicles, wallet & watch..

      I’m glad you chose just three

  • John

    #MyTrifecta My favorite 4 legged thing, 3 legged thing and 2 legged thing!

  • Re: point no. 6.. I beg to differ sir 😉

    • gtvone

      Hahah GOOD POINT! 😀