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| April 30, 2016
We’ve drawn the winners of our G-Technology / Retrospective 6 giveaway.
1st place – Kevin Belser
2nd place – Giuseppe Foti
3rd place – Kay Broeder
Congrats, winners and thanks to all who entered.
The main message, for some of you, is BACKUP! 🙂

This giveaway is now closed

Ever had that “Click of Death” from a Hard Drive? Was it your only copy of your images? We’re not here to tell you off for being #backuplazy – we’re here to let you win a sweet new HD from our friends at G-Technology, and we’ll pack it with a Retrospective 6 camera bag just for good luck! We’re also going to do a second and third place of another Retrospective 6 each because we’re nice like that.


Between now and 8pm Tuesday evening (Santa Rosa time) you need to post a photo of your current hard drive / storage setup in either the comments below, on our Facebook wall, @ us on Twitter or Instagram.

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Terms and Conditions

1. Single entry per person, entering more than once only makes us grumpy.
2. Global giveaway where permitted by law.
3. No purchase necessary.
4. Giveaway sponsored by and is in no way connected with Facebook.
5. Prizes are 1 x GTech GDrive EV RAW 1tb, 3 x Retrospective 6 camera bags.
6. Winners chosen from submitted photographs at random.
7. Winners notified via social media / email and names posted on thinkTank’s Facebook & Blog.
8 That wasn’t so hard now, was it…


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  • Garry Sander

    3 TB and a little bit more.

  • Bosco Lee

    SSD for OS and HDD for storage.
    Absolutely no cable management whatsoever! 😀

  • Melissa Martinez

    In this photo you will see…Initially, my 1TB Lacie (still has its plastic wrap on it before the size of HDD went smaller) storing all my media, documents, 500GB – backup HDD of my JPEGS before I switched over to a DSLR and starting shooting raw (from my old PC now using a Mac) and then my Toshiba – 1TB of the start of some of my raw files and the 500GB Western Digital right at top of my most recent raw files. Unfortunately some of these are only 2.0 USB transfer rate. Sometimes I bring my 500GB to my travels with me to perform a “quick” backup of the photos shot during the day. (I know, since shooting raw, you really see your HDDs fill up quickly =).

  • Mandy Smullen

    My dusty storage.

  • Madalin

    my portable storage 1.5Tb

  • Timothy Duncan

    My good old hard drive enclosure. Time for a new one… 🙂

  • Guilad Kahn

    That’s my setup… I need a new portable drive and would love the bag too…

  • I’d love a GDrive EV RAW to backup photos and videos during my travels!

  • I keep my data safe in a Mickey Mouse bag, using the original air cushioned bag as padding. Happiest place on earth… for my data.

  • Noel

    The mess under my desk 14TB’s….

  • Kelvin Belser

    My 1TB internal hard drive is still going strong…

    • gtvone

      Hi Kelvin, congrats on being selected (randomly) as our winner! please email to claim your prize! Cheers!

  • Алексей Климов

    Retrospective 6? 1.8″!

  • Henry Young

    Love my G-Tech RAID but that’s only 1/4th of the storage space shown in the photo! And, I don’t even have a working mobile drive right now…

  • RBuschyX

    My 2TB Backup for all my Digital stuff, and the 5TB Backup to that Backup. I don’t, at the moment, have a NAS or a dedicated storage solution just for Photos.
    I have recently lost 2 Internal drives to random failure, so I know the importance of Backing things up!

  • Steven Kan

    No clicks yet!

  • Giuseppe Foti

    My portable drive right now

    • gtvone

      Hi Giuseppe, congrats on being selected (randomly) as our second place winner! please email to claim your prize! Cheers!

  • Vasha Hunt

    Lots of Drobos. Lots.

  • Hidenao Ben Nakagawa

    My portable (encrypted) and on base (Mirrored). NAS is old old abd slow but sufficient for backup and occasional retrival of some files,

  • mike_mu

    My portable on-the-go storage / backup.