Win an Airport Advantage Rolling Camera Bag

| September 22, 2016

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To Enter to win our new Airport Advantage rolling camera bag, answer the question below : 

Q. What camera would you be packing in the Airport Advantage if you won? Answer in the comments on this post, and make sure you complete the other options via the link above for more entries.

Good luck!


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  • Nick Palmieri

    Canon 1DXMK2 and Canon 5DMK4

  • Kaj Östbring

    A Canon 7Dmkll, A gripped 50D some lenses and speedlights and a tripod

  • Jae Lee

    Fuji X-T2, X-Pro2, X-E2s

  • John Gilleese

    A Canon 6D and a lot of lenses would have a comfy home in this!

  • Mathias Guillin

    Since I keep my Eos 5DIII hanging from my shoulder, I would put my Iphone 6 plus extra powerbank in the bag 🙂

  • Hadi Abu Al-Teen

    nikon d7100 nikkor 50 , nikkor 18 – 105 tokina 12 – 24 and flash nikon sb-700

  • Mahmoud abuzoghud

    sony alpha a58

  • My Nikon D810 & D750 would call it home!

  • Jon Lopez

    My Canon 5D Mark II, 1DX, and 1DX Mark II would fit nicely.

  • James

    Canon EOS 5D and accessories, and my iPad!

  • John_Skinner

    3 D4s bodys, the 70-200 f/2.8, 14-24 f/2.8 and the 24-70 f/2.8 along with computer. This is the only system I trust with my gear — bar none. In media rooms world wide, rows upon rows of Think Tank bags… The guys like myself that place hard usage on the bags that haul upwards of $15-25,000.00 at a time in and out of media rooms and venues know that nothing compares before, or, AFTER the sale. Think Tank is there for you 101% after the money has changed hands. Customer service (as I see it after 35+ years) is second to none.

  • KristiS

    Nikon D750, 70-200, old but loved 35-70, and my favorite lip balm…

  • Bill M

    I would be packing a canon 5d Markiii

  • Chris Daigle

    I would use it with a D4S

  • James

    I need the roller model. I currently have the backpack model, and it gets a bit heavy. 3 bodies, 4 primes (one tele) and a surface pro fit in my current one.

  • Jeffery Choi

    My D750!

  • Charles

    I would be packing a Nikon D5 and Nikon D800

  • Screamin

    A Nikon D7100 or a Nikon D300

  • Doc Martin

    2 Canon 7D2 bodies, either a Canon 70-200 F/28 II or a Canon 100-400 II (depending on the lighting of the venue), a Canon 24-70 F/28 II, a Canon 430 EX flash, Canon 10-18, a Canon 1.4 extender III, a Canon 2.0 extender III and a few other assorted items.

  • The D810!

  • Paul Gillespie

    Nikon D750/D3

  • Shebli Nikkole Huston

    Nikon d750s

  • Raymond Colin Murray

    Canon 5D Mark III

  • Chiguy64

    Sony A57

  • Terri

    Nikon D3300

  • Simon

    Sony a7s and fs5

  • greta

    D750 + D600

  • Tracy Brewer

    Canon 5D III

  • alaa

    Nikon D90

  • Craig Mullenbach

    D4 and D7000

  • Bonnie Block

    Canon 5DIV and a 500II!

  • Dan M

    7dMkii for now.

  • Braedenb12

    Nikon D90, Eventual D750, plus my 150-600mm Sport Lens

  • jmp

    Sony A99II

  • Richard Miller

    Wista 45DX

  • Yoni Mayeri

    IPhone 6s+…(lol) …and a Canon 5D Mark III!

  • Grant Daniels

    Canon 1DX-II!

  • erinlenore

    Canon 5D MkIII

  • Amy Bedard

    Nikon D7100

  • Chris Pisarra

    Nikon D500

  • Timothy W Campbell

    Canon and/or Sony

  • caneshooter

    Nikon and/or Fuji

  • Elise Pireau

    For the moment I’ll put my D3100, waiting to upgrade my gear but hey need some buisness before that

  • rmdragon

    all of my go pro gear!

  • John Kim

    Canon 5D & Sony A7s II

  • Shawn Thew

    Canon EOS 1Dx

  • MPR1776

    D800 & D500