The Airport TakeOff Halloween giveaway

| October 31, 2016

Hello! You all thought Halloween was done and dusted, finished, gone until next year, didn’t you… Well, it isn’t, we’ve decided to drag it out just that little bit longer, but we wanted to wait until you had removed your false fangs and taken off all of that facepaint! We’ve nabbed a roller bag from the stockroom and we’ve got the most Halloween thing we could think of, some of our orange Roller Flair kit and well… Pumpkins are orange, right?

Long story short, we have a $369 roller bag and our ‘Halloween Pumpkin Orange’ Roller Flair set to give away. You can enter via the link below!




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  • Aw yeah. Love me a spooky think tank.

  • RayFrisby

    Love the Orange accents, fingers crossed, great competition !

  • James

    24, 58, 105, 2x D810 and my laptop will fit with room to spare. need this. tired shoulders.

  • Jim Wafwot

    The perfect bag for my D810 and the Holy Trinity…

  • kwaker


  • Gaurang Alat

    This would be perfect for the D700 body + couple of lenses that I am adding to my existing gear!

  • Mac Gomes

    would be treat for the holidays

  • Andy

    Thank you for this. I can transport my gear more easily.

  • gennaria

    Love the orange wheels!!!

  • Janice Lee

    Good luck to all. Think Thank Photo bags rocks!

  • pjzetc

    Thanks for putting this out there.

  • Jade Lee

    I can finally get the heavy load off my back if I win.

  • Korey McDermott

    Shooting my first destination wedding in Jan located in Jamaica and already trying to figure out how to make sure my Sony Alpha bodies and Sony Zeiss lenses can get there safely! This roller bag looks like the perfect carry-on to make sure my gear doesn’t leave my side haha

  • Angela

    My gear would be riding in style! Everything would fit great and still have room to grow!

  • Barry Evans

    I’d be rolling with some cameras, RC cars, RC drones, and some Ham radio equipment for starters. And who knows what other cool gear I would end up stuffing in this sweet bag.

  • Janet Lee

    Thank you for organizing this giveaway!

  • Wayne Yale Kwan

    All my gear and food should fit in this. Thanks.

  • Chris Jameso

    Bag are essential to any photographer & it’s essential you get the best you can from @ThinkTank

  • Colton Kilgore

    Fantastic bag! And with some flair.

  • Tracy Leong

    I can put my 5dm3 into this bag. Great!

  • Brad Stone

    My back will be very grateful to Think Tank Photo if I win.

  • Bruce Loh

    Can’t wait to put all my gear in this:)

  • Judy Thomas

    I want to win this for my daughter as she is just starting out in photography 🙂

  • Kyle Meeks

    I’m a Fashion Photographer fresh from college and this will really help me as my gear collection grows!!

  • Allan Collins

    Will need this bag for all my gear. Thank you very much!

  • Sarah

    This would really save my poor husband’s back when he carries all my gear round for me. Means I could load him up with more gear.
    Every girl should have a Sherpa 🙂

  • Mark Hewitson LSWPP

    What a fantastic giveaway. I’d use it to store my pair of 5DIII’s and assorted lenses and speed lights.

  • Luke Amorelli

    I travel a bunch for my photography. This bag would make life so much easier even for shoots that I don’t have to go that far for. I shoot with a Nikon D750 with a bunch of lenses and flashes. My back would sorely appreciate this bag!

  • Would absolutely love this awesome bag for my gear, that’d be amazing!

  • Marian Malaquin

    Excellent and perfect bag for my Nikon D800 and 3 lenses : Nikkor 24-120 f/4, Nikkor 16-35 f/4 and Nikkor 50 f/1,8G. I would also put all the other accessories like remote control, card reader, memory cards, cleaning tools. And last but not least, i would put a macbook pro 13″ in the space made for it. Perfect set up for travelling either rolling the bag or as a very convenient backpack !

  • Brad Mabee

    Great bag to get some attention when going through any airport! Also a great bag to house my D7000 and as many lenses as I can fit!

  • Vissly K

    Great bag for my 5D mark 3. Thanks a lot TTP!

  • Jordan Medic

    Perfect (and groovy) bag to house a new Panasonic GH5 system when it releases, and a great wait to haul my cinematography gear to Nepal early next year!

  • Timothy

    I was born on a Halloween, I should have the orange wheels!
    This new bag would be perfect to move my Nikon system into, 2 D800 bodies with several lenses and 5 speed lights.

  • Ariel Abella

    I only have point and shhot camera with fix lens, I would reserve it for my incoming DSLR camera with two lenses, it’s on the way came from USA.

  • Aaron Kok

    Putting everything I have in it! Good time to replace my older roller!

  • Kurt Faris

    Good luck everyone. Cool carrier.

  • Peter M Tan

    Definitely unique color combination that you can spot from far away 🙂
    Happy Halloweenie!

  • Danielle Lavis

    This would be an amazing bag for my a all my Nikon products! D810, D3S, 70-200mm, 85mm 1.4, 50mm 1.4. Love think tank for protecting my gear!

  • Lisa Ross

    Gonna put my Canon 70D and lenses in it.

  • Logan Gelik

    This would be great to travel with for my d800, lenses and gopros !

  • Robin Stephens

    This bag is awesome. Love the orange rollers.

  • Oh how this bag would come handy for all my photoshoots!