How do you store your photographs?

| January 13, 2017

Looking around the web at articles on storage and various methods of storage, I thought I’d share an article / review on the Synology NAS gear that I (back then) had for review and, (now, four years later) still use and really appreciate for many various things associated with my photography – mostly digital delivery and replicating to off-site, anyways, sharing the first thoughts in a “part 1” more to follow…

Synology DS1512+ Where it all started.


Those of you that have read any of my reviews to date, here on dPS, will know that I try to keep it ‘real world‘ …So, I’m going to write it again and dispense with all the ones and zeros in an effort to help you decide if moving to a Synology NAS is the way forward, or not. Many thanks to the guys at DR for their help with our Synology…. [read the full article on dPS]


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