Until you go out and use it, it’s hard to explain…

| March 4, 2017

Thank you, Phil, for pushing your plans down the line and slotting us in like this! We’re feeling the love.

You can follow Phil M on Instagram (stunning photography) and on his website (Again, stunning photography)

Phil, true story, we’ve seen two Roller Derby’s ‘raced‘ through Sydney Airport!

Phil reviews the Roller Derby in the video below, you should watch it.

But who’s Phil?

Im a British born photographer based in the east of England. Having bought my first film camera at age 13 it was a couple of years and some chance meetings before I knew for sure that the camera would be the tool of choice for a journey that would consume his entire life and take me around the world. By 17 I had discovered photographic printing at college and was shooting most days. I knew then photography would play a big part in my life…[read the rest here]

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