Win one of TEN Streetwalker v2.0 Backpack or Roller

| June 17, 2017

WINNERS ARE AS FOLLOWS – Thank you everyone for your participation, as ever!

Sean Sullivan
Julia Robinson
Artist Emme
Michael Drury
Chandra Qureshi Brooks
Matt Allan
Jaylynn Nash
Alessandro Rota
James Gourley
Lianne Manley

Please get in touch (We’ve replied to each of your comments with details)



For the next few days we’re doing something fun! We want to send ten Streetwalker version 2 camera bags, either roller or backpack, to people all around the world and we want them to photograph the bag and show it in its natural habitat – but with “local flair” At a market, at your airport, in your town or city, on a shoot, you can choose!

To enter is simple: Tell us in the comments of this post, or on one of (or all of!) the posts we make on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, which one you’d like and where you’d like to photograph it, and you need to like or follow us, too, please.




We’ll choose winners from across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Closes 4pm Tuesday afternoon, Santa Rosa time.

It doesn’t have to be “world class” photography and we don’t care what you shoot it with, either – a phone is fine! We  would ask that we can share your images on our social media with attribution of course.

You can see the Streetwalker HD Roller in action below as we follow Think Tank Pro Team member Glynn Lavender around Melbourne, Australia for a little bit. Video from our friend Lee at Capturing Passion

Terms and Conditions –


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  • acmwallace

    Love that streetwalker roller!! Gimme gimme! 😎

  • Nick S

    I would love to have the Streetwalker Roller backpack. I can shoot it at the nature trails.

  • Ron Dlutz

    I’d photo the Streetwalker V2.0 Roller at the ice rink

  • I would love to shoot with the Streetwalker V2.0 Backpack Roller at the New England Dragway. The rolling function would come in handy traversing the pit areas.

  • Melissa Schollaert

    I have been looking for a rolling backpack for some time now, as I need something to take to Europe with me when I shoot there. The Streetwalker v2.0 Roller would be PERFECT! I would shoot it on upcoming assignments in Atlanta & Chicago, as well as test it out on my next trip to Europe this summer to France, Spain & Andorra.

  • Tevin Limon

    ‪I’d love to shoot with the Streetwalker v2.0 Backpack on my home beaches (Avila, Pismo, Shell) as well as the many hikes in San Luis Obispo!‬

  • Sabrina Adams

    Streetwalker roller backpack v2. At the airport.

  • Dennis Ross

    The roller version looks fantastic. I shall photograph it at the beach near my home.

  • Benedict Fisker

    I prefer the Streetwalker HD Roller and would love to photograph it at the park.

  • Michael Stone

    Streetwalker Roller. Can’t wait to photograph it with the stars.

  • Kyle

    I would take a photo of the street walker v2.0 roller at the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge construction project where I have been documenting the construction of a new bridge to replace the bridge that was taken out by land slides winter this year. Or I would take a photo of it along highway 1 with the expansive coast behind it or possibly take a photo of it in front of another famous bridge near where I live. The possibilities are endless.

  • Eran Gissis

    The roller looks amazing. Will pair up great with my Airport accelerator.

  • Gary Chambers

    I would choose the Streetwalker HD Roller to help me shoot sports at the basketball this week.

  • Derek

    I would choose the Rolling one. I would use it for my urban architecture shoot.

  • geoffrey hobbs

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a streetwalker strolling with a Streetwalker?

  • geoffrey hobbs

    The Streetwalker Roller would be perfect rolling on the beach in Hilton Head, SC, USA…or maybe rolling along while I photograph humongous cargo ships…one cargo hauler next to a smidgen larger cargo hauler…Thanks…great contest and i am really interested in seeing some of the great places the Streetwalker goes…

  • Liew Chin Yong

    Would be perfect for my next overseas trip to Taiwan famous mountain Alishan!

  • Peta Lowe

    The backpack would be perfect while I’m clambering over the rocks at Dawesville Cut, Western Australia, trying to capture Mandurah’s dolphins at play!

  • Robert J. Patterson

    The Streewalker Backpack would work well for landscape photography at Point Lobos!

  • Andreas Tsonis

    The streetwalker hd backpack would be of great help for my current project at the Holy Mount Athos!

  • RayFrisby

    I’d love the Streetwalker Roller Pro V2. I’m shooting a short film on Skellig (Michael) Island, and the Streetwalker Pro Roller would be perfect for the short hike and getting to the Island with all my gear. Great Competition !

  • gguba

    I would photograph the Streetw alker Roller every where! With the combo of using as a backpack and as a roller bag, it can take me from the city to the wilds in under 10 minutes. I would photograph it on the Appalachian Trail and in the Adirondacks. geo guba @ juno com

    • I would prefer the roller and take it to shoots in the heart of Waikiki and shoot it with iconic backdrops of Waikiki Beach and/or The Duke Kahanamoku statue. There is even a great picturesque set of bronze Hula Dancer statues at the beginning of Waikiki at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

  • Michael S. Drury

    Want to photograph the Streetwalker Roller backstage at the 90 year old theater our dancers call home.

  • Roland T

    Rolling backpack. I shall photograph it during my cityscapes shoots. 🙂

  • Lynette

    The roller version would be perfect for me. I would use it when I shoot architecture.

  • Anthony K Consillio

    I would prefer the roller and take it to shoots in the heart of Waikiki and shoot it with iconic backdrops of Waikiki Beach and/or The Duke Kahanamoku statue. There is even a great picturesque set of bronze Hula Dancer statues at the beginning of Waikiki at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

    I also don’t mind the back pack that I can take on one of the many beautiful hikes here in Oahu.

    I would be happy with either

  • Алексей Климов

    Roller, Russia, Sky (

  • Madalin

    I want the Streetwalker Harddrive just for carrying my gear to work, I currently have 2 bags that i have to carry every day for like 2h because i can’t fit into 1…

  • Sean Needham

    That backpack version would look rather superb sat in the middle of a stage at a music festival somewhere in Europe, perhaps with some rock stars and pretty guitars…

    • gtvone

      Gibson or Fender? (or ESP!) 🙂

  • Rui Boino

    Roller for sure! It´s perfect!!
    I’d take it with me to Faro in Algarve/Portugal and take photos of all beautiful beaches there! Thank you 🙂

  • Julia Robinson

    I’d photograph the backpack while #onassignment at a classic Texas rodeo or while two-stepping at the oldest dance hall in the state!

  • Bryan Weiss

    I could find great help in the roller version. Best to take it to indoor photoshoots.

  • Bill Cowan

    I want to use the roller on a fathers day gift; a tall ships adventure, using my medium format film camera.

  • Michelle Kim

    Streetwalker HD Roller. I can include it in my landscape shots. 🙂

  • Brandon Powers

    I’m sure I could use the Streetwalker backpack to hold my film holders, filters and accessories while shooting large format with my Graflex in the swamps and woodlands around here.

  • Gladys K.

    Streetwalker Roller. I would photograph it at the park where I exercise.

  • Rick Osentoski

    Streetwalker HD Roller I would photograph it at Comerica Park Home of the Detroit Tigers

  • Joris van Boven

    I have already a TT Roller, but that doesn’t fit anymore in the European airline overhead-locker-limits. The Streetwalker (pro) does fit. And if I can get onto an aircraft-carrier again, I will make a photo of the Streetwalker onboard