Win one of TEN Streetwalker v2.0 Backpack or Roller

| June 17, 2017

WINNERS ARE AS FOLLOWS – Thank you everyone for your participation, as ever!

Sean Sullivan
Julia Robinson
Artist Emme
Michael Drury
Chandra Qureshi Brooks
Matt Allan
Jaylynn Nash
Alessandro Rota
James Gourley
Lianne Manley

Please get in touch (We’ve replied to each of your comments with details)



For the next few days we’re doing something fun! We want to send ten Streetwalker version 2 camera bags, either roller or backpack, to people all around the world and we want them to photograph the bag and show it in its natural habitat – but with “local flair” At a market, at your airport, in your town or city, on a shoot, you can choose!

To enter is simple: Tell us in the comments of this post, or on one of (or all of!) the posts we make on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, which one you’d like and where you’d like to photograph it, and you need to like or follow us, too, please.




We’ll choose winners from across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Closes 4pm Tuesday afternoon, Santa Rosa time.

It doesn’t have to be “world class” photography and we don’t care what you shoot it with, either – a phone is fine! We  would ask that we can share your images on our social media with attribution of course.

You can see the Streetwalker HD Roller in action below as we follow Think Tank Pro Team member Glynn Lavender around Melbourne, Australia for a little bit. Video from our friend Lee at Capturing Passion

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  • Sarah Lang

    Roller for me. I would bring it around for my shoot.

  • Allan Collins

    I would pick the Streetwalker Rolling backpack.
    I would photograph it on a hill.

  • Irene Lee

    Roller backpack for me. Getting older. I would love to photograph it during my city walkabouts.

  • Josh

    The streetwalker backpack looks legit. I use a snowboarding backpack now and it’s super old and not as padded. Even in a city or out taking photos. Have to keep my equipment off the ground. Away from kids and the Elements.

  • Kenneth

    I would love to roll the Streetwalker rolling backpack for my vacations overseas. Next destination? Probably Bangkok.

  • Julian Krakowiak

    The Streetwalker Rolling Backpack v2.0 would be perfect for my needs. I would photograph it at a Shinto Shrine or some other place with a traditional architecture of JAPAN.

  • Janice Lee

    Streetwalker Rolling Backpack v2.0
    I would love to photograph it at the National Gallery. Thank you.

  • Mark Goodfellow

    I’d photograph the streetwalker Pro Roller, in my hometown of Kingston-Upon-Hull, there is lots of really beautiful and exciting things to see and photograph at the moment With it being UK City of Culture 2017. And it would help to get my gear around to the events!! #Hull2017

  • Eliza Powell

    Streetwalker v2.0 Roller, tough and rugged not just for the street but also the open plains of the Serengeti (Tanzania), one of the amazing African destinations where I work.

  • Justin Owen

    Streetwalker Rolling Backpack v2.0 for those long airport terminal walks.

  • ManfredRaphael

    I would choose the Streetwalker roller. I would photograph it around the city and in the malls.

  • Suzanne S

    Hi I would love to have a Streetwalker Rolling backpack. Great for walking around cities.

  • Alexis Buatti-Ramos

    The streetwalker roller and I would take a trip the one of New York States amazing parks! #nysparks

  • Kelvin Belser

    I prefer the Streetwalker Rolling bag. I can use it for my urban shoots.

  • Brad Stone

    I would love to have the roller version and bring it to shoot around city.

  • George Quiroga

    The backpack would help me carry long lenses and macro gear while out in the Florida wetlands and the Everglades.

  • Lyndy S

    I would use the Streetwalker Rolling Backpack and photograph it in the nature reserves.

  • breiff

    I would take the backpack and use it on day hikes through the Colorado Rockies this summer.

  • J.J. Guy Longtin

    Definitely the Roller and I’d shoot it in Amsterdam, or maybe Zermatt, or wait how about Rome…
    Oh oh I got it MELBOURNE!!!! That’s it!

  • Pixyst

    I would love to have the roller. I would photograph it out in the Arizona desert.

  • Maryann Bryant

    I would take the Streetwalker Rolling Backpack on holiday around the world. It would make it easy to travel with all my goodies.

  • Paul Wagstaff

    I would love the roller and I think I would photograph it in front of the amazingly beautiful railway station in Hua Hin Thailand 🇹🇭 these bags are built for traveling so a train 🚂 station would do it justice.

  • Patrick Carns

    The Streetwalker to photograph automobile races

  • Saija Lehtonen

    The Streetwalker roller to photograph the historic and ghosts towns of Arizona!!

  • GearHeavy

    I would take the Streetwalker Rolling Backpack to the Gastown Grand Prix Bicycle Race and the Tour de White Rock Criterium in British Columbia !!!

  • Richard Blair

    Historic Fredericksburg, Virginia!

  • Nicole Julius Henry

    The streetwalker HD roller and I would take it with me on my sessions in Wisconsin.

  • kelly s

    I would take it to Upper Michigan.

  • Dick Ruhlman

    I would like to photograph it in my home town, Guntersville, AL.

  • Chris Daigle

    I just got back from old Quebec, but I could take it with the Evangeline oak (where Longfellow’s poem ends) in the shot.
    I like roller bags.

  • Jon Patrick

    I’m actually flying to Vancouver next weekend to visit friends. It’ll be my first time there. I have been considering not taking anything but a small camera case with my Nikon D4s and perhaps 2 lens (a wide prime and a 50mm f/1.4) because I don’t have it in the budget to purchase a nice carry-on sized backpack that will fit my favorite lens, my 300mm f/2.8 AF-S II. Ideally I’d shoot Vancouver with that lens, but I don’t have a flight suitable case that I’d trust to protect it. I use my steroid belt/pixel racing harness all the time with my big lenses – so I’d trust one of your flight-carry-on backpacks with my most precious lenses.
    I love your products.

  • Cathie Crow

    The rolling backpack would be great. I have the smallest streetwalker now and I need more room. I’d love to take it on my trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park

  • Mikkel Bo Rasmussen

    The roller which I would photograph with all my sports gear in it at the American Football U19 European Championship in Denmark in July.

  • Jim Kinkennon

    The roller would be fine for shooting vintage autos in the Nebraska countryside.

  • George Karam

    The street walker roller as I capture events during 🇨🇦 Canad’s 150th anniversary celebrations; as well as personal and professional events I cover.

  • Duanne Anderson

    The Streetscape Version 2 as I photograph my sons sports on the weekends and easier to carry then roll over the wet grass and mud. I’d also use it for astro-photography trips and landscape shooting and the occasional boudoir setup.

  • Maurice Hertog

    The Streetwalker HD Roller please as i carry the Streetwalker Harddrive already but often need to put it of my back due to back issues. The roller would be a great help!

  • Gareth quinn

    Roller please as I am off to the Tour de France in 10 days and have just had shoulder reconstruction and have been told not to carry 2 camera bodies and lens using my normal slings

  • douall75

    Streetwalker roller and I would go down to the Bow River and get en evening shot of the river bank.

  • Marko Sivak

    Would like to take one Streetwalker for a hard-test @gravel rally. Please fit some gravel tires. 😉

  • Leon Watkins

    Streetwalker roller! I cover kids parties all over London and I just destroyed my last roller (from another maker) strolling between Chelsea and Belsize park. I need this! The photos will be fun too 🙂

  • Skai

    I would be photographing the Streetscape v2.0 on the beachwalk in Wailea Maui after a shoot. Make mine the roller, please!

  • Tim Jarrold

    I would appreciate the ease of the Streetwalker V2.0 Roller. Its use will be frequent for sports and racing and I will photograph it at every venue that I shoot at.

  • Ian McGregor

    Streetscape backpack outside the Glozine monestary here in Bulgaria, overlooking the countryside below.

  • Annie

    I’d take the Streetwalker roller up Glacier Point in Yosemite and photograph it with Halfdome in the background.

  • Peter Gingell

    Streetwalker Rolling Backpack……photograph it at my next concert shoot, just did Tesla, Poison & Tesla and the bag would look amazing under the stage lighting……

  • Mat Melsness

    I would photograph my new Streetwalker Roller from a Coast Range mountain top in Western Canada by helicopter 🇨🇦 ⛰ 🚁

  • Jay Lucio

    I would shoot a streetwalker roller by the lake nearby.

  • Thomas Hucksoll

    The backpack….I would shoot in high atop the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado

  • The roller…And I would photograph it in a crosswalk