BlackRapid + ThinkTank Ten Day Giveaway!

| July 26, 2017

We were certainly excited to team up with Blackrapid for this giveaway! Thanks to all who entered, we’ll be doing this again soon! Stay tuned!

If you have not heard from us or received your prize, please get in touch with simon at thinktankphoto dot com – Thanks!


Round one winner is : David Stafford
Round two winner is : Joshua Haller
Round three winner is : Brandon Collins
Round four winner is : Jason Rife
Round five winner is : Maria Perla
Round six winner is : Maurice Woodworth
Round seven winner is : 
Round eight winner is : Aileen Ly
Round nine winner is : davidstembridge
Round ten winner is: Sean Slattery

This is the cool device we were giving away, and while not for everyone, we have been testing one for a couple of months and it’s very handy! See more here…

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  • David Stafford

    I sent several emails to Simon re. collecting the prize, but he is MIA…

    • Maurice Woodworth

      I have not heard anything since the 2nd of Aug.

      • gtvone

        Gents, it’s all happening – as per the initial post, we had to wait until the giveaway closed, then get everyone’s choices through and order in the stock – we’re at about that point right now and prizes should ship soon – Sorry for the delay, some folks took a little longer than others to get their choices through – not long now!

        • Maurice Woodworth

          Wasn’t complaining. 😀 Thanks for the update.

          • gtvone

            I should have updated you earlier! My bad 😀

          • Maurice Woodworth

            Got an email notice today, it has shipped. 😄

          • Maurice Woodworth

            YaY… my package arrived this morning.Thank you BlackRapid and ThinkTank.

  • David Stafford

    Who won?

  • Tom Rife

    My Nikon’s need a new home!

  • Jules Taylor

    This is so awesome

  • David Stafford

    Hybrid Breathe Camera Strap might be pretty rad!

  • David Stafford

    I would like to try the URBAN DISGUISE® 60 CLASSIC (V3.0)

  • Ulrich Beinert

    I totally have the hots for the SubUrban Disguise 30 and the BlackRapid Backpack Breathe Camera Strap and this would rock my world!

  • Jp Wakan

    I am in another time 😀

  • MattyFic


  • Kyle

    I’m in!

  • FlabbergastedInDallas

    Great prizes. Thank you.

  • Josh

    I’m in!

  • Walter Smith

    Need new bag to carry my Nikon D-90 & D-800 with lenses. And the BlackRapid would fit the need nicely due to My limited (SSDI) income!! PLEASE!! Thank You!!

  • ted

    Nice, beam me up

  • Jim Messerfish

    Here is your Buddy Jim, who wants in!

  • Sabrina Adams

    Here I am.

  • Jane Hobson

    Please count me in.

  • Susan Loeb

    I am in!

  • Martin Vrlik

    I am in 🙂

  • Sam Corros

    Let me in pls.

  • Thor Doc

    I want in too!

  • Yvonne Chua

    I want in!