BlackRapid + ThinkTank Ten Day Giveaway!

| July 26, 2017

We were certainly excited to team up with Blackrapid for this giveaway! Thanks to all who entered, we’ll be doing this again soon! Stay tuned!

If you have not heard from us or received your prize, please get in touch with simon at thinktankphoto dot com – Thanks!


Round one winner is : David Stafford
Round two winner is : Joshua Haller
Round three winner is : Brandon Collins
Round four winner is : Jason Rife
Round five winner is : Maria Perla
Round six winner is : Maurice Woodworth
Round seven winner is : 
Round eight winner is : Aileen Ly
Round nine winner is : davidstembridge
Round ten winner is: Sean Slattery

This is the cool device we were giving away, and while not for everyone, we have been testing one for a couple of months and it’s very handy! See more here…

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  • Nickyboy

    Bin fun playing!! Congrats 2 all who picked up some gr8 new kit!!!!

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    all in!!

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    If I win day nine, that’s just fine!

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  • Yes, please count me in. I am very good at doing nothing, as well as carrying things on my shoulders.

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    I want in! I love your products.

  • David Stafford

    I want in… Again…

  • Gordon Lee

    Please let me in…

  • bill Hartley

    I have 3 different BR straps, sports left and right and street but no orange though despite it being my favourite colour and no Thinktank as yet (i do lust after the Retrospective 7) … so count me in please

  • Kelvin Belser

    Entered! Thanks!

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