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Wicked Wednesday – 3 Legged Thing

| July 25, 2012 | 10 Comments

Our friends across the pond, 3 legged Thing, makers of tripod systems with attitude, are at it again – Wednesday in England is #3LTWW Put simply, they give away a Carbon Fiber tripod system named Eric! Well, we saw one of their images that happened to feature ONE OF US [Hello, I’m StreetWalker] and we […]

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The BlograpHer Event

| July 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

What is it? Blographer is a full-day gathering for serious bloggers focusing on photography education, creative tips and techniques, and strategies for successful photo blogging. Are you ready to take your blog to the next level? During this one-day event, you’ll get tools you need to step-up your blogging by improving your photography. Plus, you’ll […]

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Shady Reviews the Slate Blue Retrospective 30

| July 11, 2012 | 0 Comments

Shady’s Retro 30 review About the author: Shady is a burro adopted 25 years ago through the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro adoption program. Although he was born in the wild and had not been handled, he quickly adapted to domestic life and now would happily come into the living room […]

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Aviator Travel Jib | Get Dynamic

| June 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

To get a little dynamics into your video, it’s nice to add a little movement | Aviator Travel Jib This is a great example of a product that people believe in [via Kickstarter] I may have mentioned this before on our Facebook page, But I’m pretty excited that it’s made it to ‘funded’ and then it’s continued […]

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Luceo at Look 3 | Scavenger Hunt!

| June 9, 2012 | 0 Comments

We’re part of a cool scavenger hunt organised by Luceo Images at the Look3 festival! You can read more about it HERE. (Read about the prizes here!) If you can’t be at the festival (Kurt and Deanne are there, I’m sadly stuck in a cold office in Australia! ha!) here’s a way you can […]

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Exposure – Canada

| May 31, 2012 | 0 Comments

Exposure has come and gone for another year, here are a few images from the show to make you feel like you were actually there! thinkTankPhoto in Canada is distributed by Nadel – Find a store near you via our aptly named ‘Store Finder’ Have You Signed Up To Our Newsletter?

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And then, it blew into the ocean!

| April 18, 2012 | 1 Comment

When A recent note into support from one of our customers in the UK started like this; “I have just got a new StreetWalker to replace one which was blown over a cliff in a gale” We had to know the rest of the story! “The rucksack was lost on the afternoon of 3 March […]

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New Products from thinkTankPhoto?

| March 7, 2012 | 2 Comments

I’m a photographer and I’m a lover of bags – that’s how I came to work with thinkTankPhoto! But as well as that, I love good gear… [read more after the pic] ..Gear that ‘just works’ and I love hearing about new gear and getting excited about products that people will love… Which leaves me […]

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Rod Mar, Ron Martinsen and Blitz!

| February 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

Seattle Seahawks team photographer, Rod Mar [ ] kindly sent us this photo of Ron Martinsen with Seahawks mascot, Blitz, from a recent game. You can see Ron’s sporting a little bit of thinkTankPhoto – Thank you both! [and you too, Blitz!!] READ THE REVIEW BY RON – HERE Find out more about Rod on his […]

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When Camels Attack! – David Coventry

| January 27, 2012 | 1 Comment

Working with National Geographic photographer Vince Musi on assignment for National Geographic’s June 2011 cover story, the world’s oldest temple “Gobekil Tepe“, I was attacked viciously by a camel. Vince & I were up before sunrise making the best of the early morning light. As we were about to photograph a 11,000 year old column, […]

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