Where can you find us?

Welcome to our overview on all things “thinkTank Photo social Media” Let me list the places you can find us, and then give you guys a little overview of what, where and who.
  • You can find us on Facebook, we use it to share thoughts on photo gear, your reviews of our gear, interesting photography related content from our readers and from professionals in the photographic industry. We also run competitions and give-aways from time to time.
  • We’re active on Twitter and tweet about all things photo and we answer any questions you might have about thinkTank gear.
  • We play around with Tumblr and most of our ‘quick snaps’ land there, too.. We post more quirky and random content on Tumblr and it’s also a feed for our Instagram account!
  • We’re on Google+ and are about to start some cool Hangouts and a little bit more interaction on that network.
  • LinkedIn is a lesser used network, though we do keep a foot in that bucket, too, with company info, updates and articles. On LinkedIn? Join us there.
  • We have a large group of photographers on Flickr, who like to share gear images, and their own work! As well as a load of “Whats in my bag” photos.
  • There are also a large selection of videos on our YouTube channel that may help you with your gear!
  • And obviously, we have our blog where we post a mix of everything, and more!
Now that you know where to find us, what can you expect to find! Well, with daily content ranging from a photograph submitted by one of our followers, a conversation starter or a video review of our gear. We also like to feature work by our fans and show off some of the inspiration that comes our way on a daily basis! We have a great design board with some amazing photographers that keep coming up with amazing images!
We would like to see you involved with our social pages, either just as a reader, or by contributing to the conversation or posting an image “just because” and certainly post any questions that you need an answer on – Facebook and Twitter will get you the fastest response!
You’re also welcome to email us directly – cs@thinkTankPhoto.com or call.
A little about our social media manager, Simon Pollock. Simon has been working with us for a couple of years now, developing our social networking and maintaing the daily happenings on the web, with the help and assistance of the customer service team. Simon is a Melbourne based photographer and social media manager / community manager that specialises in photographic industry social media and human interaction. Simon also likes to talk about himself in the third person and possibly drinks more coffee than he should…
You can find Simon on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, The Web, etc….